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It gets crazy at the end of the month here on the Simple Freedom Team!

WakeUpNow WUN Month End Update…


And we’re STILL just getting started.

I promise you, we will grow to over 10,000 families inside of 2014 and then we’ll race to over 25,000 and then over 50,000 people.

Right now we’re about 1,000 in only 3 months and growing faster due to duplication.

You’re joining at the EARLIEST time ever…

Welcome to the Team, now let’s go find your 1,000!

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*Results not typical and will vary. This is a business, not a job or guarantee. Click here to see the WakeUpNow earnings disclosure page. Our team rocks. So do you.


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Congratulations on making the decision to join us and start your business!

I’m proud to be working with you and I’m proud of you for taking charge of your life. From now on, things are going to be different for you and your family.

This team… and you and I working together to help other people see the simple video that you did, is all we need to help you achieve your goals. I’m committed to helping you in any way I can as long as you’re committed to yourself and to serving other people.

New Member Coaching Word of Advice

Here’s the truth about this business…

If you embrace the advice and the philosophy I’m about to share with you, you will thank me, you will thank the team, and you will thank this process for helping you build freedom.
hen on top of that, remember all of the team leverage and sales generating support we, as a team will offer you as you we work together and build your WakeUpNow business…


When you succeed in this business, it’s going to be because you created your own success.
And if you fail in this business venture, likewise, it will be because you created your own failure and quit.
I’m a firm believer, after 3 years here, that there is no failure. Nobody “fails” in this business and nobody “fails” on our team. Some people simply decide to quit.
They quit. They don’t fail. “Failure” is just marketing lessons teaching how not to do things… I’ve used “failure” as my teacher for years.

So, if you don’t want to “fail” simply decide to never quit.

You are going to be the difference between success or “failure.”

I’m here to guide you every step of the way, but I can’t do it for you.

And you don’t want me to, anyways.

I’m here to work with you, but not for you.

And together, you and I can build a LEGACY BUSINESS and FREEDOM LIFESTYLE for you.

YES, we can.

So let’s go do it!

MY JOB (as it matters to your business) IS…

My job as your sponsor and team leader is to help you become 100% independent from me as quickly as possible.

That’s the goal.


And that will set you free.

Because at that point, your business is growing and profitable with, or without me.

And that’s exactly where you want to be.

That’s “leadership freedom!”

And you will mentor your team the same way…

…and that will create a true FREEDOM LIFESTYLE for you.

I want you to build freedom.

That’s my passion and my focus for you. Your freedom.

Let’s build it.

Here’s what I promise you is coming…

There will certainly be ups and downs as you build your business.

There will be good times and bad times.


I’ll know you’re in one of the bad times when you aren’t calling me, you aren’t showing up for our team meetings, you aren’t on the calls, if I start hearing excuses or you start blaming company, team, sponsor, systems etc…


When that happens with you, and it happens with most people, how do you want me to handle that?

Do you want me to leave you alone or do you want me to be persistent and remind you why you made this decision in the first place?

Please let me know so that we can be partners for a LONG LONG TIME and build you the business you’ve always wanted to build.

Ok, great, I’m ready to get your business setup and launched, are you?


Then please go through the “GETTING STARTED CHECKLIST” below and call me to schedule a coaching “Business Launch” session as soon as you’ve done the items below…

WUN Business Setup:


1. Pay for your Product (90 PV).
2. IBO: Activate it in your profile section of back office.
3. Waiting Room: Set to open.
4. Order “GO PRO” book by Eric Worre (it’s our Playbook)


Now you’re ready to get paid and receive team leverage.

What is your desired outcome?

What is your income goal here in 90 days?


Why does that desired outcome get you emotionally fired up?
What would achieving that desired outcome do for you in your life?
If your why is not strong enough or attached to emotion inside you, any little thing will cause you to quit.

So write down your “WHY” because it’s the MOST IMPORTANT THING that will drive you to not quit and build something special here!

Write it down and COMMIT to staying the course and building it.


1. 600Club in 1 week?
2. 600 Club in first month?
3. Refer 3 and Free in first week?
4. $5000 per month residual income?
5. $10,000 per month residual income?


1. Because I know if I can create a $600 residual income in under 90 days, I can help others do it too!

2. Because then I know I can scale my business and reach $5,000 per month just by helping my team get to their desired outcome too!

3. Because then I can quit the extra job.

4. Because then I can stay home with my kids.

5. Because then I can travel and not beg for time off from some boss.

6. Because then I can invest my money and help build water wells and volunteer to serve in my charity.

7. Because then I can show my kids they can also achieve their freedom without being a job-slave.

8. Because then I can help my family who is financial trouble.

9. Because then I can help others learn about free enterprise and time freedom.

10. Because then… (insert a million awesome WHYs here)…

11. My WHY is helping you achieve YOUR why. Because then I know our community will “pay it forward” and teach the concept of FREEDOM BUILDING to MILLIONS! That’s my why!


1. B3H3G3 :: We build in 3′s. It’s simple. Let’s get 3!

Bring 3.
Help those 3, get 3.
Done. $600 Monthly Residual Income.

Help your teammates do the same thing


It all starts with your first one.


2. D3 = Refer 3 and it’s Free. The 100Club!
100Club with only 3 people (team leverage!)

3. F3 = 600Club = Only 12 people with team leverage (help)!
Earn a $600 Monthly Residual Income with only a team of 12.

This is a “TEAM BUILD” which means as you work
to help your teammates get their 3, your upline team
works with you to help you get yours too…

Pay it Forward.
Help others.
Get them paid.
You build a residual cash flowing asset.

* Help other people get what they want first, 
and you will get what you want. SERVE!*

Helping people get to D3 is the foundation that



Model mine and focus on keeping things as simple as possible.

1. Main WUN link:


Your WakeUpNow username you created goes up front in that link like mine above. Just replace my username “nickt” with your WUN username and that link sends people to your WUN page. Simple!


2. WUN Presentation Page: (just use YOUR WUN username at the end instead of mine)



All you do is use the link and replace my username “nickt” with YOUR WUN username at the end.

3. WUN Hangout Page:


All you do is use the link and replace my username “itsfranco” with YOUR WUN username at the end.

4. WUN Video Reviews:



1. New Member Coaching!
Call me at 916-718-5004 to schedule
your New Member Coaching Session.

(Check your email if you registered for the Team VIP UPDATES LIST)


2. Email me or Facebook me that you joined
and send me your:

Facebook Link


3. I’ll send you our Team Updates List link
which plugs you into all our training and private
team facebook training and support groups.

(Check your email if you registered for the Team VIP UPDATES LIST)


4. Click on the FILES section inside our private
facebook group for WakeUpEmpowered to locate
all our private facebook marketing chat scripts,
lead generation strategies and simple training to
start getting people excited about watching your
WUN video.





LEADERS: Why are Leaders Joining & Running with Our Team?

Leaders in the industry will keep joining us and plugging in because we have exactly what they’re looking for:

1. Training System to help their teammates actually grow and get paid.
2. Marketing systems people out there LOVE and are magnetic.
3. Support and Sales Closing assistance ONLINE and OFFLINE.
4. FAST profit mode for leaders with LISTS and TEAMS
5. We work TOGETHER here so leaders aren’t all alone.
6. We will help their teams get paid FASTER than anything else out there.

Leaders are starting to see SPECIFICALLY what we are doing here to collaborate. We have many leaders using their own unique skill-sets and we’re combining them to help the overall team GROW.

And leaders are watching. They are seeing that it’s NOT just lip service on some hyped up presentation and hangouts… they are seeing people winning here and that’s what leaders look for.

So get setup with us and RUN… and be POSITIONED and you will have leaders down in your downline building with you.

This will be the MAGNETIC TEAM BUILD of 2014 and beyond…

Nobody else has a model that can do what we are doing…

It’s the only team build that pays SIGNIFICANTLY up front and it’s the ONLY way they can tap into our team and just focus on what they do best.

Let’s keep sharing that message out there…


Get the message out there and keep it out there…

We all win together.





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