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Are you having difficulties getting the video files off of your iPhone and onto your MAC computer to edit in ScreenFlow?  This tutorial will help!

1.  Connect the iPhone to the computer through the USB Cable.
2.  Go down to the finder area.  Click on Applications and select “Image Capture.”
3.  Choose your iPhone and select the video file to import.
4.  Open ScreenFlow and insert the file you just imported.


Get an iPhone.  When you use this investment for business, it is a tax write off!  (Consult your tax professional.)

Normally, when you are making a video from the iPhone, you have to click on the photo button to start the recording.  Did you know that you can also use the volume controls on the side of the phone to start and stop the video?  This feature makes it much easier to hold the phone while recording yourself.

Make it a great day!

Nick Teykaerts

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Tipping is a requirement if you are going to be out at club or bar. I generally tip one dollar per beer regardless of how expensive it is. I live in Sacramento, where the beers are $3.50-7 depending on what you get. So to me 1 dollar tips are plenty. In places like San Francisco,LA and New York where a bud light can be 9 dollars, you should tip more.  That is also the reason I get cocktails in those places so I get the most bang for the buck.

Tell me your thoughts about this tipping schedule. Have you ever tipped $2-3 per beer? Very rarely...


Mila Kunis plays two badass women, in the first trailer for the Wachowskis' insane new space adventure, Jupiter Ascending. Featuring some insane eye candy, and Channing Tatum as a master assassin with pointy ears.

First impression? This looks like an amazing ride, if the story actually lives up to the killer visuals. Jupiter Ascending comes out July 25, 2014.

 Like all working men and women, I used to hate Mondays with a raging passion. 
Sunday night, the depression sank in… and come 
Monday morning, it was all I could do to smash my alarmclock
But now… 

Mondays are one of my favorite days. 

Truth is, every day is like a Saturday for me. In fact, 
Mondays are my favorite, because those are my 
biggest cash-flow days. 

In a complicated business world, we've made your 
success ridiculously easy to achieve. 

Tonight {monday} we have our "New Member Monday" training. 
If you're new, just getting started, or simply want to 
be in good company with like minded individuals, 
then I personally invite you to come out tonight and 
spend just a few minutes with us. 

I'll give you some great advice, make sure you 
know what you need to do, and leave you with 
a solid game plan to better your financial future 
in a hurry. 

Here is my #1 goal on this training: 

To provide you with a complete understanding 
of what needs to be done and exactly how to 
execute it to immediately begin making money. 

If you've got 15 - 30 minutes a day to put into 
your business, you need to be on this training 
so I can show you how to most efficiently and 
effectively use those valuable few minutes to 
transform your lifestyle. 

See you tonight {Monday!) at 7pm EST or 4pm PST 

Making Mondays your favorite day, 

~Nick Teykaerts 

P.S. - The holiday season is upon us, but it's 
not too late to get your business cranking and 
make a few extra bucks before schedules get 
too crazy. 

I know that a few extra hundred bucks would changeyour life 

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